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Our journey through the years......
India  has  a  rich  history  of  Handicrafts.... The  significance  of  handicrafts  lies  in i ts
self-sufficiency  and  use  of  materials.  Handicrafts  depicts  craftsman's talent in a way
different from the machine -made counterparts. Handicrafts, also known as craft work is
a  type  of  work  where  useful and decorative devices are made completely by hand or
using  only  simple  tools.  We  at  Ellen  Exports have earned a respectable position as
leading manufacturers and exporters of Wooden and Aluminum handicrafts.

Our spectrum of products....
At  Ellen Exports,  the  iron,  brass  wooden and aluminum handicrafts undergo various
stages of production,  which may not necessarily be entirely done by hand. Even if only
one stage of the work is done  manually,  the f inal  product  will  be  called  a  piece  of
handicraft.  We  have  engaged  traditional  and  creative  designers as we believe that
innovation  plays  a  key role in shaping of traditional handicrafts. A combination of skill
and sincere workmanship combines to create appealing handicrafts.

We cater.....
If you are interested in giving your interior a touch of class,  a  feel  of elegance and a
measure of comfort, come to us.  It is a measure of our success that we have satisfied
clients  and  trustworthy  in  abroad. Our premium quality products are appreciated all
over the world.
Horizons of Excellence.....
We manufacture ethnic and traditional Indian handicrafts in wood and aluminium.
Each article and every article, painstakingly handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen,
who have been mastering these arts for generations.  Created  with  an unerring
eye  to  detail  and  a  stringent  check  over  quality,  as  per our own designs or
according to your designs and  specifications. Our  exclusive  range of  products
includes  aluminium bowls,  trays,  photo frames,  vases  etc.  and  fine quality of
wooden  products  includes  crosses,  candle holders, boxes, trays, cabinets and
many more.
Mr. Puneet Chaudhary
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Moradabad - 244 001, Uttar Pradesh (India)
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Email : puneet.chaudhary@ellenexports.com